• Domesticated:

    Also called Couch Potato, comfortable sitting on the sofa and watch TV, eat many times a day, sleep long hours.

    Trace : Shopping Malls, Local Parks

  • Explorer:

    Like to travel to every cities and historical spots, climb up the mountain, swim down the sea, check out the rocks, experience the cultures.

    Trace : Online Travel Groups, Lodges

  • Outdoor Man :

    Need extra vitamin D, like to sweat, jogging or play sports, breath the outdoor air, sun is their best friend!

    Trace : Running Trails, Sport Events, Beaches

  • Country Style:

    Wear jeans and play guitar; like the farming field, horseback riding, breeding animals.

    Trace : Flea Markets, Harvest Festivals

  • Socializer:

    A smile on his face, able to talk to any woman in existence, chase women one after another.

    Trace : Bars, Clubs

  • Futurist:

    Technology and information are their companions, along with gadgets and stimulating multimedia.

    Trace : Gadget Stores, Electronic Stores

  • Organizer:

    Manage everything well, direct people in activities, leading responses to events, creative in innovations.

    Trace : Conferences, Forums

  • Heritage man:

    Doing exactly what his father did (or act even older than his father's time), follow the traditions, enjoy festivals.

    Trace : Festivals, Museum, Trade Shows

  • Professional:

    Achieved in study, and proceeded to professionalism, living in and adhered to standard and guidelines.

    Trace : Concerts, Art Gallery

  • Hobbyist:

    Enjoy ( actually addicted to ) an interest 24 hours a day, mostly entertainment such as listening to songs, video games, shooting photos.

    Trace : Electronic Stores, Entertainment Centers, Pet Shops

  • Ego man:

    Knowledge of the social structure, try to reach certain status in the hierarchy, put love in second place.

    Trace : Car Shows, Trade Exhibits

  • Routine man:

    Wake up at 7am, and come home at 5pm, he follows the sun, works like a robot, eats the same lunch and never ask why.

    Trace : Shopping Malls, Parks

  • Loyalist:

    Look after your feelings, serve you like your servant, will not stare at another woman.

    Trace : Travel Tours, Arts Gallery, General Interest Classes

  • Prestige:

    Elegant living style, formal dress and royal etiquette, go to classical music performances, speak with chosen wordings.

    Trace : Home Shows, Classic Concerts, Cruises

  • Funny Guy:

    Healthy and happy, try to keep you healthy and happy, smile and jokes all the time.

    Trace : Toy Stores, Movie Theatres

  • Activist:

    Take part in community events, go with the demonstrations, fight for the injustice.

    Trace : Parade, Demonstrations, Community Events

  • Provider:

    Work hard to provide you with everything you need and no extra (save the rest for the future).

    Trace : Grocery Stores, Community Centers

  • Creator:

    Try hard to build a business, design a pattern, run a popular website.

    Trace : Libraries, Conventions, Workshops

  • MaMa's Boy:

    Take MaMa's advices, need MaMa's good food, travel with MaMa.

    Trace : Grocery Stores, Travel Tours

  • Monetizer:

    Find every way to make money, value everything with money ( including the time spend with you ) .

    Trace : Financial Events, Business Conferences

  • Big Kid:

    Characterized by black rocker T-shirt with a chain, driving a truck, ready to fight for his girl friend( he is always in high school ).

    Trace : Concerts, Monster Truck Show

  • Perfect World:

    Lucky right from the start, his world has pink ponies, bees and butterflies flying, fairy visit once in awhile; He lives exactly like what he read from the story books.

    Trace : Antique Stores, Holiday Events

  • Gardener:

    Enjoy planting editable fruit and vegetable, concern about recycling, keeping the world green.

    Trace : General Interest Classes, Earth events

  • Macho Man:

    Deep tone in his voice, take pride in his muscular body, stare at intruders with confidence.

    Trace : Fitness Center, Beaches

  • Dedicated:

    Spend his life for a purpose such as dig up the dinosaur bones, find a cure to Cancer, discover the missing links in unsolved mysteries.

    Trace : Libraries, Book Stores

  • Critics:

    Highly educated, pick on small details of anything, keep things in the same position ( don't move his stuffs ).

    Trace : Book Stores, Music Halls

  • Patriotic:

    Talk politics all the time, argue with neighbors about who will win the election.

    Trace : NewsStands, Libraries

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